Nominated: Sunshine Blogger Award:

As a part of my New Year's resolution, I said that I would do more with my blog... be more consistent, be more present, be more involved. Since I have been engaging more online and writing more. As a result, I came into contact with Kiaya Olivia through a Twitter chat for bloggers. We started following each other and I realize that we have a few things in common such as blogging, being moms, breastfeeding, and our interests in similar TV shows.

Well this week Kiaya Olivia nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I'm glad to have been nominated by a peer in the blogging world. Kiaya had the following questions for me: 

  • What inspired your blog?
    • I was inspired to create As Told by Tina because I saw a need for women of color to have women of color to look to for their experiences with birth, being a mother, breastfeeding, and life in general. 
  • What is another hobby outside of writing?
    • Hmm.. This is kind of tough. There's a lot of stuff I like to think that I like to do but I don't know if I do it enough to qualify it as a hobby. I love sports, especially basketball, softball, and tennis. In my spare time I coach my students. We're currently in basketball season. I also like to skate, bowl, and twerk and drink wine with my friends.
  • Where is your favorite place to go in your city?
    • I'm going to catch a lot of shit talk for this but I love being on the Eastside. I grew up over there and every time I'm there I feel nostalgia. The Eastside is home to the best Coney Islands: Hollywood on Gratiot and Grandy's off Holbrook (DON'T DEBATE ME). The Eastside brought up some of the best to ever do it... including me. I'm happy to be able to raise my son in the same area that I grew up in.
  • What does love mean to you?
    • Love means caring and protecting someone through everything, no matter what. 
  • What does having a passion for something mean to you?
    • Having a passion for something means that I would do whatever it takes to succeed at it. I have a passion for blogging so I push myself to open up, to be vulnerable, to be honest, to be forthcoming, to be transparent, to be brave. I have a passion for birth work. I push myself to help as many families as I can, to provide others with information so that they can make informed decision making, to be a resource, to share my experiences, etc. I am passionate about teaching. I push myself to continue my own education, to push my students and to not give up on them, to make myself available, to bring out the best in them, to always believe in them. 
  • What is your safe space? What makes you feel at peace?
    • My son puts me at peace. Anywhere he is becomes my safe space. My heart is at ease whenever he is around me. 
  • How do you let loose?
    • On the very rare occasion that I am able to let loose, I take a shower, drink wine, and binge my favorite shows. If I have time to let loose with friends then I am likely out somewhere twerking, having some drinks, and laughing with them. 

Now it's time for me to nominate some bloggers: 

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My questions for my nominees are:

  • What motivates you to wake up each morning?
  • What is a day in your life like?
  • If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?
  • Are you doing what you love?
  • If you could give your younger self advice what would it be?

I'm looking forward to reading your replies and seeing who you nominate.