My Citizen Yoga Detroit Experience

I recently attended a yoga class at Citizen Yoga Detroit on their 3rd birthday. This class was free as apart of their birthday special. Although the special was open to all three of their locations (Detroit, Royal Oak, Birmingham), I chose to go to the Detroit location for obvious reasons. The Detroit location is located in Downtown Detroit. If you're familiar with the area then you know that parking can be a challenge. Parking downtown causes me so much anxiety. I drove around the block twice before going to their website for another reason and finding out that they offer parking validation if you park in the Z lot. At this point, I was loving this place already!

Citizens Yoga Detroit (CYD) is located on Liberty just a short walk from the Z Lot. It was super cold outside (like -2 degrees) so we walked pretty quickly for a shorter walk. Upon entry, we signed in and completed a waiver form because it was our first time there. We arrived about 15 minutes early as suggested by the site. I really loved the decor and ambiance. I wish I would have taken pictures, but the thought didn't cross my mind at the time. While pulling up I realized that we left our yoga mats, but CYD offers mat rental for $2. Our free class was no longer free, but we were happy to have this as an option. It was pretty crowded because the class was free, but they made sure everyone had a spot. 

We went to the 12:15 Slow Burn class with Sitara Bird. CYD describes the class as "This class dispels the myth that slower is easier. For one hour, slow down your movement to delve deeper into the muscular system by holding poses for an extended period of time. This class is completely guided by the teacher. Should you find discomfort in your practice, you will find solace in the power of breath. This class is perfect for anyone looking to meet their edge. Recommended for all experience levels." We thought, "bet this is perfect!" Well... it was definitely not easy. Upon entry into the studio, we were hit with warmness. Now there's warm that you feel from being cold and then walking into a warm room, but it was definitely hot in there. This was not a hot yoga class, but it was definitely close.

CYD offered yoga blocks and straps for attendees to pick up if needed. Upon laying my mat I only grabbed a strap. I didn't know it then, but I needed a block as well. Now I have some yoga experience, but I definitely underestimated this class. The class started right on time. Sitara, the instructor was very welcoming, kind, and helpful. She moved throughout the room to help those in need, including myself. She provided tips to adjust the movements as well as words of encouragement to push us. 

I wore a jumpsuit, sports bra, socks, and a t-shirt. I know the yogis are questioning why I had on socks, but I forgot! I scanned the room as we were going through various positions and found myself taking off my socks so that I could have a better balance. It definitely helped too! I ended up taking off my t-shirt about 15 minutes into the class. It was hot! I was sweating so much that sweat was dripping off of my breasts, neck, and forehead. I needed a cloth or towel to wipe myself, so I used my t-shirt.

I loved everything about this class despite being super sweaty. I felt so relaxed during it. I found myself being able to move through the positions easier towards the end. I pushed myself to try some of the extensions of the various positions. I found myself grabbing a block to help me in the positions. I didn't use the strap at all but as I reflect on the experience, it could have been beneficial for me to use as well. The class went by pretty fast. I enjoyed every bit of it, even the sweating. At the end of the class, I was drenched in sweat, but I felt amazing! I would definitely attend another class at Citizen Yoga Detroit again. They currently have 5 classes for $25 special going on that my friend and I are purchasing. 

Citizen Yoga Detroit offers classes seven days a week at all times of the day. I plan to attend my next class there very soon. Here's CYD's website if you want to sign up!