Beach, Please!... How to Kill a Beach Maternity Photo Shoot

ATBT Beach Please

Babies are expensive! You get pregnant and a new set of bills and purchases start immediately. These bills and purchases range from gathering baby things, co-pays and prescription costs, to maternity photo shoots. All of these things really start to add up. 

If you're anything like me then you're trying to cut cost anyway that you can. One way that I was able to do that was by planning and shooting my own photo shoot. Here's what I did:

1. Choose a location: This is pretty much the easiest part. This can be anywhere including in your hometown. I was living in DC at the time. The closest beach that I knew of was about 2-3 hours away. However, now that I live in Detroit I can drive 20 minutes to Belle Isle for a beach setting. At the time I was lucky enough to find a round-trip ticket to Miami for less than $100! I jumped on the deal! I was able to make a vacation out o fit. You can either look within your own backyard or add the shoot on to a vacation that you already have planned.

2. Decide on a theme (or concept): I didn't really have a theme, but I knew that I wanted to incorporate earth tones, prints, and my natural beauty. I spoke to my partner about this and he made my vision come to life. 

3. Get a camera: My maternity photos were taken with a Canon Rebel T5 because my partner is a photographer, but a DSLR isn't necessary. You can use any camera really including your iPhone! The iPhone 7/7s camera is AMAZING! I have seen plenty of great quality photos taken with one. 

4. Get your look together: I honestly didn't want to spend too much money on a look. I decided on a swimsuit because it allowed me to easily show off my baby bump. This is actually a swimsuit that I had prior to becoming pregnant. I added a swim wrap to add a bit more detail to the photos. I found the African print at DC's Eastern Market, but have seen them in plenty of cities. I may have spent about $30 total at most on my attire. 

5. Make sure the time is right: I know it can be exciting when your bump gets real, but be patient. Wait until you're at least in your third trimester. I was about 30 weeks or so in the pictures, but after seeing how big my bump got, I kind of wish that I would have waited another month or so. My bump changed so much during that time.

6. Relax & Have fun!: This is the most important part of the shoot. This shoot is for you and your baby. This shoot is to create a memory for you to cherish forever. You don't want to remember this as a bad time or have ill feelings. A picture says 1000 words and you want these pictures to say 1000 joyous ones. 

Check out some of the proofs from our shoot. Try it out and let me know how it goes below in the comments.