Weird, but Normal Things that Happen while Breastfeeding

ATBT Breastfeeding Reflection

Baby A is the big ONE! We made it past our 1 year goal for breastfeeding! I plan on breastfeeding until he self weans... or maybe until 2. We'll see. We're both going with the flow. As I reflect back on this year journey, I noticed some pretty weird things that's been happening during feedings... 

  • When you feed on breast, the other breast leaks: If you're a BFM then you're already aware of this. If you're anything like me then when this happens (or when it does happen for you pregnant mommies) you're going to feel like you're wasting milk. I know I did/still do. This makes your bra and/or shirt wet. It leaks on your stomach. It just comes out. There's two things you can do to combat this:
    • Pump and feed simultaneously: This does wonders for your stash! You can feed your little one and pump milk at the same time. You may even notice that you pump more as your little one feeds than you would if you were just pumping. 
    • Get a milk saver. I got one earlier on in our journey. I have the Milkies brand. This is also good when you're pumping only one breast. The milk saver sits in your bra and collects milk that drips during feedings or solo pump sessions. It's reusable and comes with a case for sanitary purposes too! 

As your little one gets older, they get more curious about your breast.

  • Your little one pulls your nipples: Yes, this is usually as painful as it sounds. I don't know why it happens. I just know that it happens and it's normal. You may find that they find it funny to do so too depending on your reaction. 
  • Your little one slaps your other breasts. This doesn't really hurt but it's mad annoying sometimes. If you're anything like me then you're wondering why?! I think it's just a curiosity and to keep them entertained. Baby A finds it amusing. 
  • Your little one bites your nipple. Now Baby A doesn't always or even most of the time bite me. He has eight teeth now and finds t funny to see me squirm every now in then. This hurts! Stop the habit early! Baby A knows that biting is a no-no and results in feeding time being over.  
  • Your little one pulls on your clothes. You may notice that your breasts become less of yours and more of theirs. Baby A literally will pull on my clothes or bra to get to them whenever wherever. 

It it sounds crazy but all of these things are normal. They come with the territory. Can you relate? Comment below!