Slow Motion Is Better than No Motion... an Update on My 30 x 30 List

It's been a minute since I posted my 30 x 30 list, but I have actually been making real progress lately! Here's a quick update: 

Buy and rehab my dream home:

We bought a house!...and we're going to rehab it. I'm not sure if all of my readers are familiar with what's going on in Detroit as far as housing is concerned. However, it's really a buyers market right now. We purchased our house through an auction and was able to get the house for close to nothing. We did a walk through last weekend so that we can assess what needs to be done and make a construction plan. Sometimes rehabs can be a complete gut and replace job, but that's not the case for us. We actually don't have as much work as I thought we would have based on the initial pictures that I saw. With the help of family and friends, we should be moved in before the end of this year! I plan on having future blog posts dedicated to our home rehab. I am beyond excited to get started. I am happy to have a home in the city that I grew up in. If you know someone who does home improvement, plumbing, roofing, etc... drop their information in the comments! 

Become a certified doula: 

I also started my doula course three weeks ago. I recently finished the physiology portion of the program. As part of the doula course, I am required to serve as a doula for two births prior to receiving my full certification. Luckily, my best friend of almost 20 years is expecting a little boy this summer. I am still in search of another birth experience to be apart of. With that being said, if you know an expecting mother in the Metro Detroit area who would be interested in doula services please let me know. I would love to have a conversation with them. 

Graduate with my Master of Education in Special Education:

Come June 1, I will be more than half way done with the credits required for my Masters in Education! This means so much to me. To know me is to know my story. I started a Masters program in Public Administration back in 2013. I finished twenty-something credits before I came to the realization that this was not something I wanted to pursue as a career. At the time that I started I was a college adviser in a local high school. It was during that time that I found my true calling within education. I started teaching that fall. My interest in special education deepened. I soon after started my Masters in Education. At this rate, I will be finished at the beginning of 2018. It is truly an amazing feeling to find your calling and to live in it. 

Start a podcast:

All I can say here is... it's in the works. A flame has been lit under my behind on this one. This is happening sooner rather than later! 

What progress have you made? Remember, done is better than perfect. Don't hold yourself up waiting on perfect to happen and to fall into your lap.