Fav Brands for Baby Boys

I definitely wanted a boy, but I never knew how difficult it would be to find cute, good quality clothes for him. It only gets harder as they get older. The first few months was easy. You can put just about anything on a small baby and the outfit will look nice and cute on the baby. This time doesn't last. Cherish it! Here's a list of the best brands for baby boys:

  • Carter's:
    • WHY: Carter's has some of the cutest little outfits for small babies. You can get quality, three piece outfits for a very affordable price. I love Carter's for the little sets that they sale as well as the pajamas. Personally, I'm not a fan of animals on baby clothes past a certain size, but it's cute when they are younger and smaller. I also like that Carter's almost always has a sale going on. You can usually find cute sets for less $15 each plus an additional 20% (or more) off! They also have a good customer rewards program where a customer can earn dollars off purchases for their previous purchases.
    • Keep In Mind: The downside is that the clothes don't vary much so you may see similar or the same outfits available for long periods of time. Another downside is that the clothes do tend to shrink after washing. I have distanced myself from Carter's as Baby A gets older, but I definitely love their pieces for smaller babies. If you are a member of the Rewards program, know that your points expire after 60 days. 
    • Pro tip: always purchase Carter's from Carter's stores or their website because they almost always have the lowest prices. Always double check other stores like Macy's, Kohl's, etc. with the store website to ensure you're getting the lowest price. 
  • H&M:
    • WHY: I LOVE H&M for baby boys! The clothes are good quality. They are very fashionable for the most part. You can dress the baby in what I like to consider "grown up" clothes (meaning no onesie). I love the options. I love the colors. I love the materials. I love the pieces! I've been able to get Baby A denim, linen, cottons, etc. I've been able to get t-shirts, joggers, winter coat, jeans, overalls, jackets, etc. The selection changes often which is also a plus. To my knowledge and experience, the clothes do not shrink with washing. 
    • Keep in Mind: The only downside is that H&M baby clothes run EXTREMELY big. I first purchased from H&M size 4-6 month clothes of which my son, who is now almost a year old and 23 lbs can STILL fit today. You have to be mindful of their size chart because it is definitely totally different from most other stores. Don't be surprised if your child wears smaller sizes here.
    • Pro tip: purchase online during the sales where H&M offers an additional 40-60% off for maximum savings! However, don't fret if you miss the sale...the prices are economically friendly without the sale. Also purchase when you see something you like because there is no guarantee that it will be there when you check again. 
  • Old Navy:
    • Why: You can definitely find some true gems here. I love starting in the clearance section where I often find cute graphic tees, jeans, and lounge sets for less than $3! You can't beat that with a stick! It's even better when you partner such clearance deals with the additional 40-50% off sales that they often have. I have been able to wash clothes from here with no problem or damage to the clothes. 
    • Keep in mind: The selection changes often so if you see something you like AND it's on sale, grab it! 
    • Pro-Tip: ALWAYS shop the sale! EVERYTHING is usually on sale for some percent off. If you wait a week, that 20% off will go up to 30% off or more!
  • Baby Gap: 
    • Why: Baby Gap is a classic! I love the simplicity of the designs and the clothes. The clothes are good quality and fit true to size. You can always find a cute jogger set, jean jackets, plain t-shirts (which are hard to come by at this age), khakis, etc. 
    • Keep in mind: Baby Gap can be a bit on the pricier side compared to other baby clothing brands, but...
    • Pro tip: Always shop the sale! They occur often and are usually worth it! There's actually a spring sale going on now! 
  • Cat & Jack:
    • Why: Cat & Jack uses lots of colors that you don't usually see in other brands selections. A lot of their items you can mix and match together to create a different look for every wear. The options range from lounge to casual to dressy. They have something for every occasion. Cat & Jack is good quality and easy on your pockets. You can find Cat & Jack at any Target store. 
    • Keep In Mind: You may not see the same things at every store...actually it's pretty rare in my experience. If you see something you like, grab it in all the colors you see. There's more options on target.com and that is your best bet for finding the best finds. 
    • Pro Tip: Always check target.com before purchasing from the store. Target price matches their website and you're likely to find the item for cheaper on the website. 
  • Hannah Anderson: 
    • Why: I love the colors. There is also not many places that you can find the kimono style onesies. They have them and have them in just about any color you can think of. You can also easily find onesies and pants that math or you can mix match them. The material is of great quality and I've never experienced shrinking or loss in quality. The family match options allow for parents to match babies or for siblings of different ages to match regardless of gender. They also have AMAZING customer service policy!
    • Keep in mind: The clothes can be somewhat on the pricier side for baby clothing brands. 
    • Pro tip: They have an "unconditional guarantee." There's no 30 days or any time cap on it. If you're unsatisfied, they will give you a refund or allow you to exchange it with no problems.

Don't let anyone make you think that you have to spend an arm and a leg on clothes for your little one in order for him (or her) to look nice. You don't have to break the bank. Shop the sales, join the reward programs, and do what you feel is best for your family. Babies are cute already...clothing can only add to the cuteness. Your baby can look nice without breaking your pockets. What are some of your fav brands? Do they have a referral program? Drop the details in the comments! Be on the lookout for post of our hauls! 


*The opinions in this post are my own. I was not compensated for them in anyway.