Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Hey all! I know I completely dropped the ball last month, but here I am giving it another go! I am challenging myself to participate in Blogmas. Every post tagged Blogmas will be about something related to Christmas. Ideally blogmas post are daily. I'm going to try my hardest to hit that...despite being 5 days behind >_<

Today's Blogmas is a Christmas gift giving guide for toddlers! I can't count how many times I have been asked what does Baby A want for Christmas. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends of friends with children, etc. can use this list as a guide. 

%22Christmas is love come down toearth, a gift of infinite worth.%22.png

Disclaimer: If you are not the child's parent, please double check with mom or dad to make sure they didn't snag the item first OR at least get a gift receipt. For the purposes of this post please use the following key:

  • $- $1-25
  • $$- $25-$75
  • $$$- $75+
  1. Clothes: Okay... y'all may think this is cliche. However a toddler can always use new clothes! I would suggest buying clothes with the season and age of the toddler in mind. For an example: Baby A will be 20 months in a couple of weeks. I would advise someone to buy him a size 24 month that can be worn in winter or early spring. Do not buy something for the summer for a toddler at their current size. If you're anything like me, buying clothes for my son means no animals or logos all over them. Call me picky, but I like what I like and I don't feel bad about it. 
    Cost: $-$$$
  2. Books: I'm in the process of creating a library for my son. As an educator, I can confirm that reading is a direct indicator of academic success. The newborn, infant, toddler years are critical years for development. A perfect gift for a toddler is a book. Make sure the book is suitable for the age of the child. I wouldn't advise buying a toddler a chapter book. I also would stay away from "popular" books such as anything Dr. Seuss or any other classics because the toddler likely has it already. I love books that have a sensory aspect to them. My favorite books for sensory are: Usborne Books. Some of Baby A's favs are the Little Artists series and the That's Not My (insert subject here) books. I love books written about black children and written by black people. It's important for me for my son to see and read about characters like him. I also love books that teach him something rather it's a language, counting, shapes, etc. 
    Cost: $
  3. Puzzles: Not your regular puzzles made of cardboard. Please stay away from those. Think wooden puzzles. Wooden puzzles can handle more wear and tear. The wooden puzzle pieces are easier for toddlers to use and big enough to find (if ever lost). I particularly like the ones by The Learning Journey (lift and learn series) and Melissa & Doug. 
    Cost: $
  4. Art Supplies: I'm all for encouraging creativity, but PLEASE GET SOMETHING THAT IS WASHABLE! If you're going to get crayons or markers, limit the count. I would not select anything with more than 10 color options (and 10 is pushing it). This doesn't have to be limited to crayons, paint, and paper. Expand that to things that mom and dad can use for crafts with the toddler such as pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, glue sticks, stamps, stickers, sponges (in shapes would be a bonus), playdoh, chalk, an easel, etc. 
    Cost: $-$$
  5. Gift Certificates: I know some consider gift certificates and gift cards to impersonal, but they can be very beneficial for large purchases. We received about $1000 in gift cards from our baby shower and with that we were able to purchase large ticket items like a crib. If you want to make this more of a personal gift, you can get a gift certificate to some sort of mommy & me class or toddler class. Great places to look for such classes would be your local recreation centers or the YMCA. I would love for someone to get Baby A swimming lessons, sign language or Spanish classes, and soccer. 
    Cost: $-$$$

These gift ideas are outside of the norm and allows for a great range under the Christmas tree. 

Happy Holidays!