Reflecting on 2017...

Reflecting on 2017... I dropped the ball on a few things but I knocked a lot of things out the park as well. I don't know if y'all remember my 30x30 but here's what happened in the past 12 months...

  • I haven't graduated but I have 3 classes left!
  • I have 2 book reviews before the doula certification is complete.
  • The certified lactation consultant probably won't be happening. It's so much science and I don't know if I did my due diligence with processing this. However, I do plan on doing my part to bring breastfeeding support to the city of Detroit. 
  • I'm like close to 30 on the states. This year I hope to take my son to Louisiana, California, and Florida. 
  • I haven't been to 4 continents smh... I need to budget more for that. I'm hoping to hit somewhere this summer. 
  • I baked something on Christmas Eve... that's a start. It was pretty good too. Here's the recipe I used. 
  • I certainly did not save $10k.... The goal is to invest more in 2018.
The goal is to invest more in 2018!


  • THIS! BUY AND REHAB MY DREAM HOME! Y'all, we bought a house. We started renovating. It's definitely closer to our dreams. Be on the lookout for the room reveals slowly but surely... This was big for me! 
  • Learn to swim... nah, not yet. My son is closer than me. 
  • Road trip across the country... I haven't yet, but if you're down for this in summer 2018 PLEASE LET ME KNOW. It's a bonus if you have a kiddo to join.
  • Rail through Europe... nah not yet... I'm hoping for summer 2018. 
  • Make something from scratch.. I'm close. I made the filling for a cheesecake. I didn't take on the task of making the crust. I'll try this in January and blog about it.
  • I'm not fluent in Spanish yet, but I am speaking it more and more. Any adult tutors? Mommy and me classes? 
  • I'm not fluent in ASL either but Baby A and I communicate pretty well with the signs we know.
  • I did not attend the US Open this year but it will be happening this year. 
  • I'm hoping to fly a helicopter for my birthday this year. Can anyone recommend a place? 
  • I have yet to run in an event yet, but my dear pal Ashlee encouraged me to download this app and get to it. I think we'll be running something this spring. 
  • I'm definitely not in shape, but in true New Year New Me fashion, I got a gym membership for the lows! I'm coming for y'all and getting my waist to look like Tinabina 2008. 
  • Mardi Gras... idk man... I hope to go this year but I also know that February will be here in no time. I don't want to leave my son but I also don't want to do the PG version of Mardi Gras. Please advise.
  • Carnival celebration: PLEASE SEE THE PREVIOUS lol...
  • I'm hoping Baby A and I can learn to play the piano or something together. Any mommy and me classes in the Detroit area?
  • Go camping outdoors... I'm actually going this Spring y'all!
  • I want to go on a cruise this year while I still have AAA :) please advise if you've traveled with a toddler on a cruise. 
  • I have this podcast in my head... I need a crew though. 
  • I'm closer to waist length hair than I have ever been. I cut my hair last November. It's back and at about bra strap/mid back length. I'm hoping that with this new stylist, a healthy diet, exercise and water that I will be there before the end of 2018. I definitely grew, and retained, 6 inches of hair this past year.
  • I have yet to get past the chain with crocheting. I don't know if I have the patience. 
  • I haven't repurposed a piece of furniture, but we will soon. 
  • I'm taking my son to Disney very soon! I want to go with a group though.
  • My credit score isn't excellent but I no longer pay rent, have no mortgage, no car note. I am not a slave to the lender and am working towards growing my savings which is helping my credit. 

I'm not hitting everything just yet, but I am getting things done. It feels good to. look back on this list and see myself progressing. How are you doing towards your list? What do you need to cross some things off? Lets help each other.