How to Checkout When Mental Health Break Are Necessary

I've been away for awhile. This wasn't something that I planned... but it was definitely necessary. I had a lot going on. That's not an excuse, but life does happen. I have neglected a lot of aspects of my life... including this blog. It has been hard for me to juggle everything. I'm a mother, a full-time teacher, a doula, finishing up my masters, and also trying to maintain my mental. 

Mental Health Breaks-2.png

Sometimes you have to check out and give yourself space from things in order to get yourself back together. Two ways that I checkout are: 

  • Not answering the phone: To know me is to know that I almost always have my phone in my hand. I almost always answer the phone or texts immediately. I had to stop this though. This isn't to say that other people were getting on my nerves or stressing me out, but I had to take some me time. Sometimes that means that I didn't answer a call even though I saw my phone ringing or I took my time replying to a message I saw when it was sent. I can be so quick to respond or to jump to other's rescue. I needed to take the time to think and settle my own thoughts. 
  • Taking time off: I teach. The school year was over at the end of June... like the very end. I decided to also teach summer school. This wasn't bad because it was only 12 hours a week. The time off was so necessary! I was able to really enjoy my son and have time to rest. I only took off three days last school year. I will be taking more days off this school year to avoid feeling how I was feeling last school year. I was still taking classes, but I have recently taken a break from those as well to refocus. I am three classes from finishing my masters so a more long term break is coming soon! Degree coming May 2018. 

I'm slowly but surely bringing my focus back to things that matter... including this blog. I have committed to blogging EVERYDAY in November. Hold me accountable... send me a message, comment, etc. Keep me encouraged. Keep me motivated. It's very easy for me to get distracted by everyday life, but I'm determined to accomplish this.