Five Feeding Time Necessities

I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited for my son to finally turn 6 months old! I love breastfeeding and being his source of nutrients, but I was also ready to introduce new things to his diet. Baby A had been giving "signs" that he was ready to try new things. Those "signs" that I am referring to are: chewing (air), reaching for our food, picking up things using "pincer" grasp, sitting up without help, etc. His pediatrician gave us the okay to start with cereal when he was 4 months, but we were determined to go 6 months with exclusively breastfeeding.

Prior to starting with solids, I grabbed a few items. I think our success can be contributed to having these things in our home. I found them at Target and TJ Maxx, but I'm sure you can find them at any baby store, Amazon, or your local grocery store.

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  • Blender: I have the BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Plus. It really can be any blender that has the option to purée. I find it more cost efficient to buy a blender that we can both use. This blender has the ability to chop, blend on high or low, purée, etc. It is really a time saver. The blender allows me to make Baby A's food myself.
  • Nuby Feeder: This thing makes feeding so much easier and not so messy. I can purée his food and pour it into the feeder. The feeder has a spoon on the end that the purée squeezes out onto. This feeder eliminates the need for small bowls and eliminates the chance of the purée spilling out of the bowl during feeding.
  • Bumbo: I prefer my Bumbo multi-seat over a traditional high chair. it's more versatile than a traditional high chair. We can utilize it while sitting on the floor or in a chair at the table. The Bumbo comes with a tray that clicks in. The tray is beneficial at feeding time because it it keeps the food within reach of your baby. The tray is also easy to wipe clean. 
  • Waterproof Bibs: We use these waterproof bibs that also have the crumb/food catcher. These are convenient for feeding time because they aid in the aftermath cleanup. If your little one is anything like mine then feeding time can get a bit messy. His bibs are usually covered with food afterwards, but these are so easy to wipe clean with a wipe or towel. 
  • Fruits and vegetables: Baby A eats the same fruits and vegetables that his dad and I eat. Majority of the time we do not buy already made baby food. I find joy in making his baby food. It's not as time consuming as some may think. Be on the lookout for future post on some of the recipes I use. So far Baby A has tried bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, avocados, cauliflower, mangoes, peas, pears and carrots.

What are some of your go to items for feeding time? Comment below!