5 Fav Traveling Sites

I love traveling! I wish my lifestyle and schedule permitted me to travel whenever I wanted, but I'm not quite there (yet). I make it a goal to take at least one big trip a year or a few smaller trips a year. Despite being in my third trimester, or with an infant, I have been able to take multiple trips to Detroit (when still living in DC), and to travel to Miami and New York this year. Last year I was able to go to the Dominican Republic, Las Vegas, and a few small trips to Detroit.  All of this was made possible from a few of my go-to sites!

  • Airfare Watch Dog: I love this site! I follow them on Twitter. I have the app on my devices. I get the emails. This site is useful when you do or do not have a destination in mind. The more flexible you are, the better your experience will be. I have been able to find cheap flights to just about anywhere! You can search by your departure airport if you do not have a destination in mind. You can order the flights by destination or by cost of ticket. I have found flights to Miami for $100 RT. The sites even works for international flights!

In MIA with a flight through Jet Blue Airlines referred to me by Air Watch Dog

  • Groupon: Groupon is a great site for when you are open about your destination. The travel section has many options that include both domestic and international locations. You can find anything from a great hotel for a staycation to an exotic trip. The options include those with airfare included and without. In order to buy a deal on Groupon, you have to have all monies upfront. However, if you do not, you may want to see who is offering the deal, go to their website, and see if they allow payments. In the case of some of the travel agency deals, they do! The same discounted rate sometimes applies as well!
  • Travel by Jen: If you are looking for great deals to Mexico or the Caribbean, look here! I found this site through Groupon. I was looking at the travel deals and saw that the site provided a good number of them. Going directly to the website you can see what offers they have available. There are ALWAYS great deals available. You can search from your departure airport to whatever destination, choose dates, include or not include airfare, and also make payments on your trip.

in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic through Travel by Jen by way of Groupon

  • Skiplagged: This site is awesome! It helps you find low flight deals that may include getting off on a layover stop. This site is great for a quick weekend trip or a trip where you do not need to check anything. I wouldn't recommend it to mommies who are traveling with their LO and their travel system, stroller, or carseat due to the fact that you cannot check the items. Baby A and I traveled to New York using a Skiplagged flight. We utilized public transportation and a baby carrier the entire trip. This worked because it was just a weekend.
  • Airbnb: I have had some good and some bad Airbnbs. However, one thing that always was a plus was the customer service provided by Airbnb. I went to Made in America in 2015 and stayed at an Airbnb while in Philly. The host used false advertisement and the place was nothing like the description. Airbnb got me together quick! They put me in a very nice hotel for the night and offered to put me in another Airbnb or refund my money for the remainder of the trip. I know some POC have had troubles booking Airbnbs, but I find success booking with host who have the Instant Book option available.

Whatever site you use know that you will get the best deal if you shop around early! What are some of your go to sites for traveling? Comment below!