Thirty by Thirty

When I shared the news that I was pregnant with my friends and family, I was met by mixed views. One in particular that stuck out to me was that my life was over. I refused to accept that. Becoming a mother would not end my life... my life would not be over! I will continue to live, experience, and have adventures. I'm 26 years old. I'm not where I want to be nor have I seen everything that I wanted to see yet, but I am determined to.

The birth of my son has enhanced my life and gave my life more purpose. I am and will continue to be a better woman, not only because of him, but especially for him. In order to hold myself accountable for such an important task, I created a 30 by 30 "bucket list."


Classroom Rules.jpg
  1. Graduate with my Master of Education in Special Education
  2. Become a certified doula
  3. Become a certified lactation consultant
  4. Visit all 50 states
  5. Visit 4 continents
  6. Become a great cook
  7. Learn to bake
  8. Save $10k
  9. Buy and rehab my dream home
  10. Learn to swim
  11. Road trip across the country
  12. Rail trip through Europe
  13. Make something from scratch
  14. Become fluent in a foreign language
  15. Become fluent in American Sign Language
  16. Go to the US Open
  17. Fly a plane or helicopter
  18. Run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon.
  19. Get in shape
  20. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  21. Go to a carnival celebration
  22. Learn how to play an instrument
  23. Go camping outdoors
  24. Go on a cruise
  25. Start a podcast
  26. Grow waist length hair
  27. Learn to crotchet
  28. Re-purpose a piece of furniture
  29. Take Baby A to Disney World
  30. Get my credit score up to excellent

I am currently working on a few of these. I challenge you to create a realistic list of things you would like to accomplish and to set a realistic deadline for yourself. If you have accomplished any of the items on my list, please feel free to leave me some tips!

I have encouraged my friends and family to join me in my journey of 30 x 30. Comment with some things you're working on accomplishing soon!